Rolex Time sand is packed in 30 kg bags . Each bag's content equals 30 days flowing in a standard hourglass. On the 18 palets, there are 972 bags
with a total weight of 29.160 Kg. They last for 81 years- our generous estimation of an average lifestime.
The image in the middle pictures the artist's lifetime already consumed: 39 years.

Sangaku Kaizen is personal geometry; each stone represents a person. A master creates a Sangaku Kaizen after spending at
least a day with the receiver. The stones themselves are created by a master from special ceramic materials employing traditional techniques; the clay is cut with a knife just before getting hard.

Each surface created this way carries a specific meaning. The stones usually have 7 to 11 surfaces, but some also show more or less. Every master knows how to read a Sangaku Kaizen 
and can identify and understand a person's character and way of thinking just by looking at the stone. There are many rumors about the Sangaku Kaizen, traditionally passed on to men by a secret society.
A great number of vital positions in politics, economy, and science are exclusively filled with people that have received a Sangaku Kaizen.

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