A decentralized Domain Names System that includes a currency, payment, communication, whois, wallets and even hosting. Its independent of the currrent root, of ICANN, Governments and law enforcement. It has no censorship or control by any entity, it is safe, independent and technically much faster and more reliable than the current DNS System. It also brings together the main features of the web such as DNS, payment and communication in one simple to use technology.

The script behind DNSCHAIN was developed by DDCC, a group of cryptologists, domainers and lawyers that started to work on the script in 2012. The development was funded by contributions from various non-governmental sources there are various organizations mainly from the domain world that support the DNSCHAIN, you can find the list on the supporters page here or at the bottom of this page.

DNSCHAIN supplies a software that you need to install on your computer. The software will allow you to: resolve so called "doubledot" Domains such as: domain..tld, domain, tld, domain; tld,doman...tld. The DNSSCHAIN Software will also allow you to mine KENTCOINS the currency of the DNSCHAIN. The DNSCHAIN that contains all the information about the new DNS will be now available on your computer and will update itself with the other nodes of the network.

The system also enables encrypted messaging, its a wallet for KENTCOINS and even allows hosting within the DNSCHAIN as well as transfer and transactions of domainnames.