Modern chess is the evolution of old chess forms. The early historic forms include the chaturangha from India, courier chess from Europe, the Chinese Xiangqi and the Arabic Shatranj, the origins of chess are dating back about 1500 years. Still today chess is referred to the game of kings which already outlines the mindset behind its rules. While chess is a strategically extremely interesting and challenging game it lacks, because of its historic roots, the economic part. In today's world moving around the face of the earth comes at a cost, every action as well as time spent does come at cost.

I have therefore decided to update the game of chess so that it fits today's world, society and economic reality. The fields of the game now can be purchased, developed and rented out. Also the players are now free to pay each other off to avoid certain moves, the game is not a game of kings and violence anymore but a game of the free market.


Free market chess chess can be played with two, three, four or five players. If played at three or five, one of the players will play the militia, referred to as the AFA (Asyncronous Fighter Army)

All players are free to trade with each other anything they have, including options and future assets, they can also make treaties and exchange money for it, there is however no judge and should one not comply with a contract there is nothing that can be done.

This is still under development and I will update this page soon.