HELL uses 375 100 Watt LEDs totaling a LED light power of about 40 KW.

United in one piece of art. Each of these latest generation LEDs has a brightness of up to 1120 Lumen, which equals the light emitted by a powerful video projector. 375 of these LEDs produce 400.000Lumen, a brightness usually sufficient to illuminate a football field. In our case, the light is concentrated on a panel not bigger than 240x140 cm.

The 375 LEDs are arranged in such a way that they read the word "HELL" , which in German also means "bright", playing with this ambiguity in many different ways. Extensive electronics such as transformators, cooling and emergency switches are built into the panel that must be fed with 40.000 Watts of power supply.

In an active, turned on state, the piece is too bright to be looked at, so that one is oblidged to wear welding shades when contemplating the artwork. At exhibitions, special care and safety measures must be taken in order to avoid damage to the eyes of spectators.