In September 2008 I ordered this six meter long corporate "FREE TIBET" logo from a company in Shenzen, China.

It is custom-built, crafted from special steel, and cost me 2500 US$, including shipping to Europe. I am pretty sure it is the first "FREE TIBET" sign "MADE IN CHINA" (at least for export).

Each of the letters is approx. 60 cm high, polished, and equipped with red LED lights. My order was processed within three weeks and immediately thereafter shipped to me.

The signs in the factory in Shenzen; as you can see on the picture, I used a cover-up for my action: the logo ordered originally spelled "TREBIF TEE" .

Besides playing a little joke on the Chinese factory and pointing to the sometimes slightly ironic in the Chinese manufacturing process in general,

this work is an example of to which extend your opponents' resources can become a vital part of the fight against them:

No anti-globalization movement without airliners, and no anti-Google movement without Google-Search.

The sign´s corporate character is another aspect of this work.