In September 2008, I started working on the book "HOW I USED YOUR CREDIT CARD TO PAY FOR THIS BOOK ONLINE".

I wrote it together with a colleague who prefers to stay anonymous; it is basically an essay about what is already being suggested in the title .

The book was paid for and sent to one hundred people in three European countries in late January 2009. Each copy I numbered and signed personally, and since I will not produce any more of them, you will need to find one of the 92 people that still have the book if you wish to learn more about its content..Among the 100 consignees of the book..

..two copies did not reach their destination but came back to me. The 9,90 USD were returned to the accounts of the people that were supposed to receive them.

.. six recipients did not accept the parcel and I credited them the 9,90 USD, including shipping.

..ten asked for an immediate refund and I refunded the money (though they kept the book).

..fourteen reacted upset but, after some explanations, accepted to keep the book.

..were happy to receive a copy.

.. had their lawyers send me letters. (update)

..forty-four have not shown any reaction so far.

April 12, 2009: At an exhibition in Berlin I for the first time met someone who had received the book, a guy who was very happy about it and asked me if I possibly could provide him with some more copies? ( I couldn' t )

April 12, 2009: I received an offer of 200 Euros for a copy!

April 28, 2009: I received two letters from lawyers, one from Germany, one from the USA. It cost me around 1000 Euros in each case to settle with their clients.

November 29, 2009: finaly I sold one of the remaining books for 1000 Euro.